Accounts Overview

A Savings Account is a type of a bank account where an excess of money can be stored away from your primary (Checking) account.  These accounts have a great many benefits for building a cash reserve for vacations, educations and emergencies. It is a safe place to keep your money while earning interest. 
Savings Account: 
  • Earn interest on your savings account.
  • Minimum Balance Fee of $.50 per month will be imposed if balance falls below $50.00 any day of the month.
  • Debit charge of $1.00 each in excess of five withdrawals per calendar month.
  • Annual ATM card fee waived for eStatement customers.
  • Dormant fee of $5.00 (no activity for 6 months).

  • Student Savings Account: 
  • Students can earn interest on their savings.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • Six transfers allowed each statement cycle.
    Treasure Cove Kids Club: 
  • Gus the Goldfish will help you save.
  • Planned activities throughout the year.
  • No minimum balance required.
  • With each deposit, pick a treasure from our treasure chest.

  • Christmas Club Savings Account: 
  • Monthly auto transfer into savings account.
  • Earns interest, compounded monthly.
  • Check mailed for ending balance on October 31st.
  • FDIC
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