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Money Management
Introducing SHAZAM BOLT$ 
SHAZAM BOLT$ is a free app that you can utilize to check your account balances anywhere, anytime! 
SHAZAM BOLT$ also has some great features to help alert you on your debit card purchases that could be fraudulent.  Email alerts are sent 24/7 to help you keep an eye on your account. 
Features available in the SHAZAM BOLT$ app include: 

  • Transactions exceeding a certain dollar amount.
  • Transactions initiated without the card present such as internet or telephone transactions.
  • Transactions conducted outside of the United States.
  • Suspected fraud

  • Download the FREE app on your smart phone or tablet TODAY!  
    The app is available at the Google Play or iTunes Store! 
    In today's society, making the right financial choices to better manage your money can sometimes be difficult. Peoples Savings Bank offers a number of financial products to aid you in managing your finances.   
    When you have read through these pages, let our courteous and experienced staff help you choose the banking alternatives that best meet your individual needs. 
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