Online Banking


Change: As of July 15, 2019, our Online Banking system will be changed to work seamlessly with our new system.
What this means to you:
Starting July 15, you will need to sign up as a First Time User on the new Online Banking system and will need to re-enroll – simply select “Enroll Now” at and you will setup a new username, password and security questions.
The username on the old system was not case sensitive – the username is case sensitive on our new system. The old Online Banking system will be terminated Friday, July 12.


Effective July 15, 2019, ALL Online Banking Users will need to login to as a New User for our new Online Banking system. Please follow these instructions:

• Log into
• Click on Enroll Now
• Input the following information:
> Type of Account
> Account Number
> Social Security Number
> Date of Birth
> Email Address
> Confirm Email Address
• The system will automatically ask you to change your Username and Password.
Note: Your username is now case sensitive, it was not in the past.

• Use a minimum of 8 characters in random sequence.
• Must use at least 1 upper case letter, and 1 lower case letter, 1 number and 1 special character.
• Then you will be asked to accept Terms & Conditions.

All of your recent account history will be available in the new system right away. Any eStatements will be available in approximately 18 weeks. Once you’ve logged on to the new system, make sure all of your accounts are displayed, and make sure your personal information and preferences are set up properly.


Features of Online Banking include:
• Personal Online Banking with real-time account information
• Quick Pay Zone – pay bills right from your home page
• Account Alerts – receive email or text alerts about your account activity
• Export – easy to export information to financial management software
• External Transfers – transfer funds to and from accounts at other financial institutions
• Enhanced mobile banking – new options include mobile deposit and fingerprint recognition

Setting up your Account Alerts:
•It’s easy to set up your Account Alerts and new options will be available – just click on the Options menu and select alerts.

Bill Pay Users
Click here to see the benefits of our new Bill Pay system!
**PRIOR TO THURSDAY, JULY 11**: Please print the current list of all of your Bill Pay payees to make sure you have the list to add them to the new system. Also, print out any Bill Pay history you might need for your records as all Bill Pay history before July 11, 2019 will be unavailable following this date.

External Transfers
•Online banking users automatically have access to external transfers.
•All previously scheduled external transfers will need to rescheduled on the new system.

• To receive eStatements you must be enrolled in Online Banking to receive eStatements
• To enroll, select the Options tab from Online Banking.
• Those currently enrolled in eStatements will automatically be enrolled into the new eStatements.
**PRIOR TO FRIDAY, JULY 12**: eStatements prior to July 15, 2019 will not be available immediately after the conversion. It will take 18 weeks to switch them over to our new Online Banking system. You may want to save or print off all of your current eStatements in a safe, secure location prior to July 12, 2019. Prior eStatements should become available on our Online Banking System by November 18, 2019.