Owner, ARNKA Acres



If you’re looking for fresh locally grown produce, then ARNKA Acres is the place for you!  Recently we had the pleasure of meeting with Rachel Houts, the owner of ARNKA Acres, to learn more about what it is she does and why she switched all of her accounts to Peoples Savings Bank.  So first we’d like to share a little background.  Rachel lives outside Dike with her husband Andy and three children.  All of the vegetables are grown there on their farm, where they also have many kinds of animals.  Rachel says, “This is truly a family business.  We want to teach our kids strong work ethics and train them on parts of the farm.  The kids love to come out and help pick the vegetables.”  How it works is a customer pays a certain amount of money, which correlates to the number of vegetables they are able to come to pick up each week.  Rachel says, “We love to let customers take that break.  We are all so busy.”  ARNKA Acres is a CSA which stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  She loves to connect with the people she shares food with.

The Houts family decided to switch from a bank in Cedar Falls to Peoples Savings Bank for its convenience; they drove by PSB in Dike all the time.  Rachel says, “From the moment we walked in (to PSB), it just felt right. Everyone is so good to work with. It felt very different. They actually cared about us, instead of the bigger bank that we were at before. As they helped with the transition from Sole Proprietor to LLC, they helped with the whole process.  Since then, we have switched our kids’ accounts and everything else to PSB.”  Rachel continued, “Within a very short time, it didn’t take long for the new tellers to know who we were and to call my kids by name. It didn’t take long for them to feel like family. It’s like you’re going to a friend’s house. They know you by name. They know I’m busy. They know exactly what I want – I don’t have to tell them anymore. They just know what I need.” Rachel says, “PSB calls and seeks me out to make sure I am getting the best experience as a customer there. It’s not just one person; it’s all of the staff.”

When asked what is the best thing about working with Peoples Savings Bank, Rachel’s response was,
“One word: Friendly. They call me by name. They support my business.”