PSB Corp

PSB Corporation is a bank holding company established in 1984 and is headquartered in Wellsburg, Iowa. Since its formation, the corporation has been the sole owner of Peoples Savings Bank, also located in Wellsburg. In late 1992, PSB Corporation purchased 100% of the stock of First State Bank (fka First National Bank of Sumner) in Sumner, Iowa. In January 1999, PSB Corporation purchased Denver Ban Corp (a bank holding company) which owned 100% of Denver Savings Bank in Denver, Iowa. Later in 1999, Denver Ban Corp was dissolved resulting in PSB Corporation directly owning 100% of Denver Savings Bank. First State Bank was sold in March 2021.

PSB Corporation
Peoples Savings Bank
Denver Savings Bank

PSB Corporation stock is widely held with no one individual holding more than 10%. However, our employee’s retirement plan holds approximately 12%. There is no general market for the stock, it is not listed on any stock exchange. To facilitate individuals wishing to buy or sell stock, the corporation maintains a list of potential buyers and a list of potential sellers. These lists are available upon written request to the corporation. To learn more about our corporation or stock availability, contact Diane Babcock.

PSB Corporation
P.O. Box 248
Wellsburg, Iowa 50680
(641 ) 869 – 3721
(877 ) 508 – 2265

PSB Board of Directors
Ryan Sheridan, Chairman

Tony Doolaard

Lance Haupt

Allen Jaspers

Eric Olson

Harris Reiter

Seth Schroeder

Lawrence A. Stumme, Jr.