Safe Deposit Box

PSB offers a secure, fireproof place to store your valuables. Boxes are available in a variety of sizes at all bank locations. Many people use these safe deposit boxes to store important documents, stamp or coin collections, heirloom jewelry, or rare collectibles.

Safe Deposit Rate Schedule

Safe Deposit Box OptionsAnnual Rate
3×5 Box$20.00
5×5 Box$20.00
3×10.5 Box$25.00
4×10.5 Box$35.00
5×10.5 Box$45.00
6×10.5 Box$50.00
10×10.5 Box$75.00
Lock Box replacement key(s)$25.00 per key
Lock Box drill$350.00 per box

Fees may be subject to Iowa state and local sales tax. Box sizes may vary. Not FDIC insured.

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